Dog Overflows with Joy as He Reunites with Owner After 10 Days Apart

Looking for some love and affection? Well there's nothing, like hugging a dog to brighten your day! These loyal companions offer love. Have a way of lifting our spirits especially when we're feeling down.

Dogs have a knack for responding and expressing their happiness in the amusing ways just like in this video.

If you're a dog owner you can probably relate to this situation. Whether you've been away on vacation or simply gone on a work trip your furry friend is always thrilled to see you when you step through that door.

In the video the man had been away on vacation for ten days which may not seem long, to people but felt like forever for his dog!

One of his buddies picked him up from the airport. Brought along his pooch so that he wouldn't be alone.

The moment the dog catches wind of his masters presence he leaps out of the car window and dashes towards his human with a message; "I missed you so much!"

Check out this heartwarming video;