Dog Rescued Just 5 Minutes Away From Being Euthanized, And Now Can’t Stop Hugging

This story speaks about a poor dog called Robin who had a broken leg and was brought to be euthanized. The shelter didn't even investigate and Robin was put on the kill-book.

Fortunately, volunteers at “Vet Ranch” interfere just in time before 5 minutes of euthanizing Robin and they saved his life. Robin's injury was just a bruise, according to vets and he was rushed to the hospital.

Robin received a treatment for his leg after he was examined, he had only minor bruises with no broken bones. Robin was totally happy with the lovely vet and he crumbled down in her arms. After Robin was healed, he was doing well and able to run freely. Thanks for the kind veterinarian.

One month later, Robin found a happy and wonderful forever home and he is now pampered and lovely puppy, and likes to give hugs to anybody. Watch the video below.

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