Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave His Autistic Lad’s Side As They Are Best Friends

Dogs surpass humans, in ways. They are truly the companions we don't deserve. We are lucky to have them. Let me share a story that exemplifies their greatness.

Meet James Isaac, a 9 year boy who has autism and struggles with communication among people. However there is someone who has been by his side unwaveringly. Mahe.

Mahe is James devoted service dog constantly providing support and never leaving his side. Recently when James needed to undergo an MRI scan to determine the cause of his seizures the doctors allowed Mahe to accompany him after witnessing their bond.

Inside the machine Mahe stood close to his friend gently nuzzling James face. Michelle Isaac, James mother shared that the attendant seemed concerned as he gazed at her son.

But Mahes assistance extends beyond hospital visits; he has been a help in other situations as well. Over the two and a half years of being best friends Mahe—trained by the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust—has consistently kept James calm during different activities.

Wendy Isaacs from the trust emphasizes how dogs have an ability to soothe children with autism; "There is something magical that happens between these children and dogs."

The touching bond, between James and Mahe serves as another testament to how dogs can impact our lives.
Mahe, don't stop now! You're already making history.