Dog no-one Wants' Is Still Un-adopted After 500 Days Breaks Hearts.

A heartwarming video of an adorable puppy, who has been residing in a shelter for over 18 months has gained popularity on the social media platform TikTok amassing over 133,000 views.

The creator of the video. Julie Saraceno (@juliesaraceno2). A 41 year old graphic designer and photographer from Pasco, Washington.

Shared this clip just four days ago. Saraceno actively supports the Benton Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, Washington.

Which is primarily a cat shelter. In the video.

Displayed with the tag "POV.

" it states: "You've been in a shelter for more than 500 days. And no one wants to take you home." The footage showcases Butter, a three year old mixed breed Labrador retriever dog comfortably resting on a blanket within his enclosure at the rescue facility.

Speaking with Newsweek magazine Saraceno disclosed that Butter has always exhibited signs of anxiety and stress due to his prolonged stay within the shelter environment. She additionally mentioned that although Butter is undoubtedly fond of humans according to shelter staff members who have described him as being "definitely a people dog.

" he tends to be less accommodating towards other dogs when it comes to sharing his personal space. Statistics from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reveal that approximately 6.3 million pets find themselves in shelters across the United States each year.

Among these figures are roughly 3.1 million dogs. The ASPCA further provides insight into pet adoption rates by stating that around 65% of dogs admitted into shelters are successfully placed in homes while approximately 13% unfortunately face euthanasia as an outcome.
One particular worker at the shelter highlighted Butters struggle with maintaining proper weight and revealed that he requires feeding three times daily due to this issue. Furthermore. It was unveiled that Butter had suffered an orthopedic injury known as a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tear back in December.

Thankfully he has been on the path to recovery with the aid of exercise and painkillers. However.

It was noted by a staff member that Butters ability to traverse stairs may remain an obstacle for him going forward. "He really needs a quieter place where he can enjoy leisurely walks. Have playtime. And sleep in a cozy bed every day. " expressed the worker to Saraceno. "While it may be beneficial for him to be the only dog if the right companion comes along that would be wonderful " added the worker.

Could you please explain what the Black Dog Syndrome is? In a previous post it was mentioned that Butters' extended wait for a home could be attributed to the "black dog syndrome," which suggests that dogs with black coats are less likely to be adopted compared to dogs with different coat colors. A note on this post states that "BDS [black dog syndrome] is an issue recognized by shelters and rescue groups worldwide as it negatively impacts the adoption rates of black pets. "

Saraceno acknowledged, "Based on my observations. I do think black dogs tend to spend more time in rescues. It seems that people walking through shelters might have some underlying bias. The darker colored dogs simply don't catch their attention as much when they are in their kennels. "

Stanley Coren is a respected retired professor from the psychology department at the University of British Columbia who has authored several books about dogs. In an October 2020 article for the American Kennel Club. He mentioned that there may be lingering "negative superstitions" surrounding black dogs in peoples minds when they search for a pet. He also highlighted certain tests indicating peoples aversion towards black dogs. Coren shared details about his own laboratory study by stating, "We had individuals rate pictures of dogs, including Labrador retrievers that only differed in color. Our findings revealed that black Labs were rated as 27% less friendly than yellow Labs and were twice as likely to be perceived as aggressive."

"The best dogs are black."

proclaimed one TikTok fan whose heart melted upon watching Butters latest video clip. Brit gushed, "Oh my! How incredibly adorable is that dog?" Black dogs are often regarded as being the finest companions one can have. As stated by user thania. "This beautiful baby brings so much joy." Additionally. User caylee expressed their admiration by stating, "He is truly precious." Showing great enthusiasm. User @laurenr_22 emphasized the importance of adopting this angelic being by exclaiming. "SOMEONE should definitely consider giving this wonderful soul a loving home."

@juliesaraceno2 Replying to @h.nicosia Butter update: still there! He is adoptable at @Benton Franklin Humane Society. #shelterdogsrock #adoptashelterdog #tricitieswa ♬ Jacob and the Stone - Emile Mosseri