Dog Who Went Missing For Three Years Finally Found And Got Reunited With Family

Losing a dog is always heartbreaking. Its important to keep hope alive. Sometimes pets are found months or years later which was the case, for one family who recently had a joyous reunion with their dog after three long years.

Back in 2020 Rex and Britnee Smith were devastated when their two pit bulls named Jack and Jill ran away from their home in Little Rock, Arkansas. The sudden disappearance left them in shock. Feeling completely lost causing devastation.

As time went by without any sign of the dogs the family started to fear that they might never see them again. Britnee Smith expressed her doubts saying, "I didn't think our dogs would ever come back because they're dogs. I knew that no one would simply turn them in or take them to a vet."

Eventually the family decided to move 300 miles to McKinney, Texas in 2021. Years passed by and they had almost given up hope of receiving any news, about their missing pets.

However everything changed recently when they received a call from Little Rock Animal Village informing them that Jill had been found!

Luckily Jill had a microchip, with their information so the owners were able to identify them even though they were separated by three years and 300 miles. "If she hadn't been microchipped this reunion wouldn't have been possible " Friends of the Animal Village shared on Facebook.

The family was incredibly happy when they received the news and immediately rushed to Little Rock to reunite with their pit bull.

"We were so thrilled that we left work early – we didn't even bother packing anything. We just jumped into our vehicles and sped off to Little Rock " Brittnee shared with KLRT.

When they arrived and the shelter opened Jills kennel she instantly recognized them leading to a heartwarming reunion. "It's as if she never left us " Britnee told USA Today. "We picked up right where we left off three years ago. She came into our arms."

It remains unknown where Jill has been all these years and there is still no sign of her brother Jack. However Jills return has given the family hope that they may one day be able to reunite with both of their dogs.

Finally the Smith family is bringing Jill home where they will undoubtedly make up for time.
It's really great to see that Jill is finally home, after such a time. It's truly a miracle! If you're a dog lover please share this news! ❤️🐾