The Dog Starred In 'I Am A Legend' Is Now 13, And Still Best Friend Anyone Would Ever Want

The dog, Abbey, who played “Sam” in ‘I Am Legend’ movie with Will Smith before 10 years ago, is now 13 years old and is doing well by living with Steve Berens, her trainer, and his family!

Steve said that the brave dog still likes a bone and ball despite being senior! Steve added that what made the difference in the movie, which surely helped it to go viral, was that Will liked her as he asked Steve if he could keep her, and she liked him too, which does not happen most the time in filming!

The truth is that when a dog participates in a movie as a main character, the human main character should treat it like if it is their own, which surely makes the movie better, and that’s what Will did! Watch the video below.

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