Dog Developed A Huge Tumor On His Head Begged For Help As His Dad Refused To Treat Him

Animals get sick just like humans and they also need treatments. The pet animals are somehow luckier than the stray animals but some of the pet animals are treated just like strays by their owners and this one is one of them.

A huge tumor was developed on the head of a sweet dog; whose owner refused to take him to a vet or at least get him treatment as he did not want to pay money for his treatment.

When the poor dog was seen by the neighbors suffering, they directly call a local rescue group to come for help. The group directly came and insisted the owner to surrender the dog.

After they took the dog, they directly took him to the veterinarian who said that the only way to treat the tumor was with the aggressive radiation.

The dog was also kept at the animal hospital as the radiation would take its toll, he was also put on pain medication. They are also monitoring the dog 24/7.

Despite his extreme pain, the dog still wagging his tail when he sees his new friends. He loves going for a walk despite the truth that he can't hold his head up as he is still weak but he is still improving. He will stay on treatment till he is completely healed. Pray for him.

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