Dog Hilariously Breaks Up Fight During Jiu Jitsu Competition

A cute dog decided to stop a fight in Jiu Jitsu Competition in Brazil after heading straight toward 2 competitors wrestling on the mat. The dog's nature is to protect people from harm, so, he jumped above the man in white gi to protect him from harm.

The match, that took place in Valparaíso, Brazil, at the Campeonato Nacional Open went viral directly after what the dog had done. You can see in the video below that was taken by one of the audiences called Francisca Silueta, the referee stopped the match to lift the dog up.

The 2 fighters just liked the moment and started smiling after what happened. Actually, the dog stole the lights and everyone applauded what it had done! That's why they consider dog as man's best friend. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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