Loyal Dog Helps His Human To Keep Alive For 20 Hours After Falling Paralyzed In Snow

We often heard about kind people rescuing poor creatures. But there are also many stories about animals save their owners. This story proves that dogs are completely loyal to their owners.

Bob, a man from Michigan, was at home waiting for 2017 by watching Television on New Year’s Eve 2016.

The weather in Michigan is so cold during winter, and the fire must be always alive, so Bob noticed that his fire was dying. He went outside to have some fresh wood. But he suddenly slipped on the icy sidewalk. It was so nasty fall; his neck was broken!

He was paralyzed, he could not move to ask for help, and his closet neighbor was about a half-kilo away. And because of the frigid temperatures, there was no human in the street. But his dog was there!

Kelsey, the dog, quickly rushed to her injured owner and started howling and barking like crazy. No one came, but she continued howling and barking, hoping to get somebody’s attention, she even threw her body on her owner to keep him warm!

At one point, Bob lost his consciousness, but his loyal dog did not give up. Finally, the neighbors heard Kelsey’s barking and directly ran for help. Thankfully, the doctors managed to reverse the paralysis by decompressing Bob’s spine. Fortunately, he is walking again. Thanks for his loyal canine and his neighbor. Watch the video below.

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