Labrador Retriever Filmed While Covering His Sleeping Mom To Keep Her Warm

Dogs are so adorable that they have become internet stars lately, especially in the videos that are shared on trending networks like YouTube and Tik Tok.

As it happened with a beautiful and faithful labrador, who was captured on video starring in probably the most beautiful and emotional scene of the quarantine, managing to move millions of users. The little dog rested quietly with its owner while a security camera recorded everything

The scenes reveal the moment when the worried little dog realizes that its owner makes an involuntary movement with her arm, removing the blanket and being uncovered.

The young woman revealed that she had installed the security camera to be able to monitor her puppy's behavior. Truth be told since she allowed him to sleep next to her, he was curious what the puppy would do while she slept. But certainly, nothing could prepare her for the beautiful scene she found the next day, so she did not hesitate to share it on the networks.

In the video, you can see how the astute little dog soon senses that its owner probably feels cold after having unconsciously uncovered it. And faster than flying, but with infinite delicacy so as not to wake her up, he shelters her again with great care.

The little dog takes the blanket stealthily with his teeth and drags it until it is completely covered, in a beautiful act of love that has moved the whole world to tears.

When the young woman of Asian origin reviewed the recording, she was speechless and moved to see how her dog takes care of her every night, protecting her from the cold. The video gets more than 9 million views, and many people commented on how the sweet the video is.

Watch the video below.

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