Dog Filmed Begging Owner Not To Abandoned Him, Now He Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail

Raising pets means that you have to treat them like your family, and even more. I still can’t understand how some dogs’ owners abandon their pets with no mercy!

The video below that was taken by CCTV camera shows a man abandoned his dog, Snoop, on street in UK.

The RSPCA, that helps animals in Wales and England, is still investigating to know the identity of that man. If you have any information contact them please!

Update: the dog was seen by a Good Samaritan sleeping on the side of the road inside his dog bed. He was taken to the vet, who called RSPCA, that were able to find a new home for Snoop.

He will spend his days with Laurence Squire, his new owner, who loves him so much. What a happy ending!

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