This Dog Always Faints When Excited, But He Won't Let His Disability Hold Him Back

Peter, the dog has a condition that causes him to faint when he becomes too excited. His family first noticed this condition when he was still young. During these episodes, which typically last a minutes Peter will suddenly. Collapse. Interestingly these incidents can occur at times, such, as when he transitions from walking on grass to concrete or just at the sight of ducks.

His family affectionately nicknamed him "Petrified Pete" due to his condition. Concerned about his well being they took him to veterinarians who're still unsure about the cause of this neurological ailment. It could be similar to fainting goat syndrome or possibly something else entirely. 

Fortunately the veterinarians have assured Peters family that he does not experience any pain during these episodes. Moreover Peter himself doesn't let them bring him down either – after each episode he quickly gets back, on his feet and continues with his day as if nothing happened.

At times people witnessing these episodes become alarmed as they mistake them for seizures. However once Peters family explains what is happening with him those same people become curious and eager to get to know him. 

According to his family members Peter absolutely adores this attention because "he loves everyone and everyone loves him."