Dog Was Very Excited When Family Sings Happy Birthday To Him. He Kept Jumping

One of the greatest things of awesome dog owners is paying attention to the smallest details that make their dogs happy and excited. Dogs are very emotional and can become happy from the smallest things and this story proves that perfectly.

One family decided to celebrate their dog's birthday. @AlexaGomezDos shared a video on Twitter showing the family singing happy birthday to the dog, who was very emotional at the moment.

The dog moves the tablecloth by putting his legs on the table to show its family how happy he is! Generally, kids get shy when their family celebrate their birthdays, but the dog seems to be very happy.

The video directly went viral getting thousands of comments, more than 19k retweets and 2,000,000 views. Many people showed their gratitude to the family to celebrate their puppy's birthday to make it very happy. How great! Watch the video below.

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