Family Dog Euthanized After Days Of Being Rescued From House Fire

This week a family, from Indiana faced a situation when their beloved dog had to be put down after being rescued from a house fire.

On Thursday morning firefighters received an emergency call about a house engulfed in flames as reported by WNDU. Emily Winterrowd, who is the daughter in law of the homeowner shared that the fire originated from an issue in the basement and the smoke quickly spread throughout the house. She vividly described her panic in those moments.

The firefighters swiftly arrived at the scene. Were met with smoke and visible flames coming from the residence. Inside the house during the fire were an 8 year girl, her babysitter and their loyal canine companion named Cain, who was three years old.

Despite the conditions the firefighters managed to extinguish the fire safely evacuate everyone from the home and rescue Cain.

Winterrowd emotionally recounted how everything around Cains location was consumed by flames during the incident. The dedicated rescuers rushed him to an emergency clinic where they administered oxygen to help him breathe.

"The sight of an animal struggling to breathe on their own is truly distressing " Winterrowd expressed with a heart.

Unfortunately the family shared news on Saturday that Cain did not survive his injuries.

"It is, with sadness that we inform you that Cain did not make it through " they revealed."The decision had to be made today because of the presence of fluids, in his lungs and his difficulty in breathing despite being provided with oxygen " mentioned the family.

Winterrowd informed us that her 8 year old cousin and the babysitter are doing fine after managing to escape the fire.

In addition the family has set up a page to gather support, for covering expenses.