Man Assaults His Dog And Dumps Him Bushes, Maggots Starts Feeding On Him

This story speaks about a poor pup called Rumble was on the edge of death after being abandoned near a mobile home park in Clarkson, Michigan, in the bushes.

The 5-week-old dog’s agonizing cries were heard by a Good Samaritan, who went to find out the source of the sound and found Rumble covered in maggots! The Good Samaritan directly rushed Rumble to Canine Companions Rescue Center.

At the rescue center, there were fears that the dog would not make it because of his bad situation. Rumble was partially blind because of blunt force trauma to his face and eyes, and he also had heavy brain damage because of a fractured skull. He was put on life-support tubes, hoping that he would get better.

Unfortunately, his condition grew worse as he did not respond to the treatment. He was cared 24/7 by the staff until he got stable. He finally started showing some personality after a month of healing. But he needs a long time to be completely healed.

However, Jeremy Atkins and Heather Bradley, Rumble’s abusers, have been arrested by the police. They have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after admitting that they attacked him and left him to pass away!

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