Senior Dog Used For Hunting Dumped As His Owner Doesn’t Want Useless Dog Anymore

This story speaks about Deker, a twelve-year-old dog who was abused as a hunting dog for the majority of his life and nothing else. He spent about his entire life tied up.

His owner, who never considered him as a pet or a family member, decided to surrender him as he became old and useless for him. When any dog is surrendered, it should feel sad but actually for Deker was the start of a new life.

Despite his lonely and lost beginning at Breton Spaniel Rescue, he started realizing that he was having another chance in life. Instead of feeling sad, he started feeling that he could find a forever home.

His quietness does not stop him from playing and walking with the other dogs as he really loves life. He enjoys receiving lots of attention and belly rubs. Actually, he is ready to go to a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting him please send a massage at

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