Dog Desperately Found Looking For Her Lost Puppies, She Stops At Nothing To Find Them Back

When a call came to the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans about a dumped mom dog, they directly went to save her. When they saw her, they were completely shocked as she was in bad shape, and no one of her pups was in sight.

When she saw the rescuers, she started wagging her tail as just she knew that they came to help her in finding her pups. The rescuers then followed her to a house, that was for her owner who was in prison.

They also found out that her owner’s roommate had the pups and leaving the mother out! He claimed that the mama dog and her puppies were being taken care by him, but it wasn’t true!

They were not able to convince the man to give them the pups, so, they came with legal permission, and took the pups back to their mother. You can see that the mama dog was so thankful and happy. Watch the video below.

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