Dog Was Finally Adopted From Shelter After 500 Days, Returned Back After One Week, Now Looking For Home

It's a moment, for any shelter dog when they finally find their forever home through adoption. However not every story has an ending. Sometimes circumstances change and dogs end up being returned to shelters leaving them feeling bewildered and uncertain about what happened to their home.

This unfortunate situation unfolded for one dog who had spent a 500 days at the shelter before finding a loving family. Sadly a week later he was brought back to the shelter. Is now in search of another home where he can be cherished forever.

The dog in question is Drogo, a pit bull who arrived at the Austin Animal Center in March 2022 after his owner faced eviction. Despite being sweet natured and well trained Drogo remained at the shelter for than 500 days.

When he was adopted month everyone involved thought that Drogo had finally found his ever after. Unfortunately fate had plans.

Seven days after leaving the shelter with his family Drogo was returned. According to staff members at the shelter Drogo allegedly "nipped" his owner prompting them to bring him.

The news of Drogos return has deeply saddened all those who cared for him. A heartfelt message from a shelter employee on TikTok expresses how devastated everyone feels about this turn of events. Not was Drogo among the dogs with the stay, at the shelter but now he finds himself back where he started once again.
"It's just not fair."

It's always heartbreaking, for dogs to end up back at the shelter after it seemed like they found a home. Unfortunately Drogo hasn't been handling the rejection well. Hes been feeling stressed, upset and barking more than usual.

"He seems really down about being at the shelter. Sadly there hasn't been any interest " Kelsey Cler from the Austin Animal Center shared with Newsweek.

The shelter is now working hard to find another home for Drogo. However they are concerned that potential adopters might have biases against him based on his breed and color. "Being a black pit bull mix puts him at a disadvantage in some peoples eyes " Cler explained. "Unfortunately black dogs are often overlooked compared to dogs of colors."

Drogo would thrive in a home without any pets, where he can have time to decompress after his prolonged stay at the shelter. He is available for adoption with no fee. Can be fostered.

If you're interested in giving Drogo a home please get in touch, with the Austin Animal Center. Visit his adoption page for more information.

We sincerely hope that this time around will bring luck to Drogo and that he finds his forever family soon! ❤️