Dog Who Has Been Abused Horribly Deserves Every Minute Of His Healing Bath

This story speaks about an abused pit bull called Rudy, who was found in horrible shape after being dumped in a plastic bucket. The dog, whose skin was riddled with deep wounds from being burned with cigarettes and battery acid, had almost no fur when he arrived a shelter in NY last November.

He has Cushings Disease that left untreated, his front leg was severely broken, which made walking impossible for him.

So, (SNARR) Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation in the Northeast was contacted by the shelter hoping that they would help the dog.

Courtney Bellew, SNARR’s director, has a great experience in rescuing animals like Rudy, who was critically injured. She was completely heartbroken when she saw Rudy, and took no photograph of his leg as it was in bad shape.

They shared on Facebook that Rudy, who completely grateful when he was rescued, miraculously survived! The medicated baths were the important thing that helped Rudy to heal.

A video of Rudy getting a medicated bath was shared online, and directly went viral. Thankfully, he was fostered by a veterinarian couple, who has a beautiful farm in New England, where Rudy can heal faster as he was surrounded with many animals, a lamb, cats, and dogs, and the family children. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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