Diver Is Confused What Seals Wants, Until It Grabs His Hand

Experiencing encounters, with wildlife is always incredibly captivating.

Just consider the case of diver Gary Grayson, who had the opportunity to encounter a seal in its natural habitat.

Surprisingly the seal displayed no signs of fear towards Gary. Instead it did something that further deepened my admiration for wildlife.

This unforgettable incident took place when Gary was diving near the Scilly Isles off the coast of England. He noticed two seals in the vicinity one being rather shy while the other displayed no fear towards Gary or his diving gear whatsoever.

The seal gracefully swam up to Gary. Gently touched noses with him.

Perplexed by this interaction Gary extended his hand towards the seal. To his astonishment the seal held onto it and slowly guided it towards its belly.

Grayson shared his experience with M.E.N. saying, "This gray seal approached me and spent five minutes with me. Another one even climbed up my leg."

"As a diver I've never encountered anything, like this before... I usually seek thrilling experiences. This one certainly ranks among my extraordinary encounters " he added.

As it turns out all that this affectionate seal sought was a love and a soothing belly rub."Its truly heartwarming to see how sweet, inquisitive and dog like seals can be " remarked Ally McMillan, the CEO of Seal Rescue Island in an interview, with the Huffington Post.

Sometimes there's nothing, like a seal to bring some brightness to a gloomy day!

You can watch the video here;

It's amazing that Gary captured this encounter so that we can all share in the experience. Please feel free to share this video with all your animal loving friends!