A Dinosaur Embryo Found Preserved Fossilised Perfectly Inside An Egg

The most well-preserved dinosaur embryo has been discovered in southern China in Chinese museum storeroom inside a 70 million-year-old oviraptorosaur egg!

In 2015, a staff member of Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum in Nan’an, China, noticed some fossilized bones hatching the egg, that had languished for more than 10 years there.

Realizing that it must be an important sample, they called the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, to see it, according to Waisum Ma. It was a great surprise for the staff as the embryo preserved inside in a very beautiful way!

They found that the dinosaur’s skeleton is 24-cm long curling inside a 8-cm wide and 17-cm long egg! They also found that it had feathers, a bird-like head, and 2 legs!

Ma said that it is possibly that the egg was buried in mud or sand as it is remarkably preserved! They also added that posturing evolved in dinosaurs before birds! What a treasure! Watch the video below.

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