Devastated Dog Refuses To Leave The Coffin Of His Deceased Dad All The Way To The Cemetery

Lessie was always known for her love, for her owner. She was devastated a few months ago when she had to bid farewell to her human dad forever. He was the man who had been by her side for the years.

Confused and heartbroken Lessie didn't want to leave her owners side for a moment during the funeral service.

Not fully understanding what was happening she chose to stay by his side at all times protecting him until the end. Many people were surprised by Lessies fearlessness in accompanying her father. With a bell around her neck this loyal dog showed behavior. Paid homage to her owners memory, through her presence.

Even the family members of this man were captivated by Lessies loyalty.
Lessies life must go on. His image will forever be remembered as a display of faithfulness.