Depressed Dog At Shelter Is Totally Unrecognizable After Finding Her Forever Home

Samantha, a 4 year old mix breed dog, with bully ancestry was able to find a loving home thanks to her soulful face. After spending over a year at Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) poor Samantha felt like another shelter dog longing for a family.

As time went on. She continued to be overlooked Samantha. Also known as Sammy. Grew more and more disheartened.

Fortunately Humans and Animals United (HAAU) a rescue organization that relies on homes decided to take a chance on her.

"We were deeply moved by those photos " shared Rosa Fond, the founder of HAAU when discussing Sammys pictures from the shelter. "So we made the decision to bring her into our care and then figure out the steps."

When an HAAU volunteer went to pick up Sammy they witnessed firsthand how broken hearted she appeared in person like in her pictures. However something remarkable happened within minutes of being, in the car.

The volunteer observed as Sammys expression transformed into a smile.

"That's when Samantha began to open up " Fond explained.

Sammy received attention and soon found herself placed with a foster family. Through finding her home and participating in training sessions this sweet girls life gradually improved. However finding a forever family still posed challenges for her.Then in August a loving couple came across the story of Sammys resilience. Instantly became enamored with the adorable pup.

They were eager to meet the dog whose expression transformed from a frown to a smile. When they finally laid eyes on Sammy in person they knew it was a match.

"This family went above. Beyond to ensure that Sammy had everything she needed to thrive!" HAAU shared in a Facebook post. "The love exhibited by this family towards Samantha and our rescue will always hold a place in our hearts."

After enduring a journey Samantha finally found herself in the home she had always yearned for.

When shes not busy playing with her toys or enjoying the comfort of her beds Sammy can usually be found snuggled up with her human companions.

Between strolls, around her neighborhood relaxing afternoon naps by the poolside and playful wrestling sessions with her canine siblings Samanthas new life couldn't be more different from her time, at the shelter.

Today Sammys traumatic memories of being ignored in her kennel are gradually fading away. Once broken hearted all she feels now is an amount of love.

If she could articulate her feelings it's safe to say that Sammy would likely express that she has never been happier.

There's really no reason to do so.
According to HAAU Samanthas happiness doesn't require any clarification; "Her smile speaks volumes!"