Delivery Man Adapted His Bicycle To Take His Rescued Dog Everywhere

Alejandro Rochi Páez has always been a young man with a great adventurous spirit. A few years ago he decided to quit his job and go on a backpacking adventure. He traveled to Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.

All he lacked was to enjoy a loyal companion to make his travels even more unforgettable. Just a few days after Alejandro wished for some company, his wishes came true.

He was walking the streets of São Luis do Maranhão, in Brazil, and he noticed that someone had left a box with some puppies. The poor were in really devastating condition: They needed food and were completely full of fleas and ticks.

A neighbor of the place was able to take care of two of the puppies but there was still one whose fate was uncertain. He did not deserve to suffer that sad fate of being thrown into the street without further ado.

Without thinking twice, Alejandro decided that he would help him. He stopped his journey to dedicate himself completely to the puppy. Fredy called him and in just a couple of weeks, the beautiful little dog was completely healthy.

The crafty backpacker immediately began making a series of changes to his bike. Now she had a new adventure partner and she wanted to make sure the furry traveled as comfortably as possible.

With a market basket, Alejandro created a small space for the dog. It also had a kind of tent that helped protect it from the sun or rain.

Immediately, they began to travel and it did not take long to steal everyone's glances. Over time, Fredy grew up and Alejandro had to make further modifications to his bike. Added a new cart and an extra tire so the weight is balanced much better.

After a while, this wonderful duo returned to Argentina.  The pandemic has not stopped them at all and they work through an app as home delivery people. Every time customers see Alejandro arrive with the beautiful little dog, their eyes light up.

This dedicated dog dad is raising funds to get the little house he and Fredy deserve. In addition, they have big dreams of continuing to travel the world. Adopting a homeless puppy is always a wonderful decision.

Watch the video below.

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