Footage Shows Dad Taking Fast Action And Saves His Pit Bull From Sneaky Thief

In one daytime a sneaky dognaper tried to steal a Port Elizabeth man’s Pit Bull from the fence of his home. All the incident was captured by the security camera.

We can see in this security footage, how the thief is grabbing the dog by the collar, after he climbed the iron gate and stopped down. Fortunately, the owner was right outside and catches the thief who started altercate the owner and claimed that the Pit Pull was his. The dog had been being eyed for quite some time. The owner asked him for a prove, but instead, the man attempted to steal the dog.

Then, the thief ran away after the owner shoo him. The case was referred to Marizanne Ferreira, a rescue volunteer who asked Pit Bull parents to micro-chip them, and to execute extra safety measures for them.

Watch the video below.

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