Cyclists find five puppies buried in hole, give them a ride to save their lives

Saving innocent souls is something that makes anyone happy. And that’s what happened with 5 abandoned puppies who were found by a professional cyclist, who decided to help them.

The Brazilian biker, Tyago Costa Silva, gave the puppies a ride to guide them to their destinations. The man, found the puppies in a hole, had made up his plans to help them.

It seemed that the puppies were left there to die, but destiny had another opinion. All the bikers then decided to help the puppies and give them water and food.

Tyago even shared a post on Instagram while feeding the puppies with water. The bikers then put the puppies in their shirts and continued their way for 12km!

Tyago decided to take the animals home with him to take care of them. He said that he was very upset to see such innocent animals being abandoned! He also said that he hoped they would find forever homes.

And that’s what happened! As their story went viral and they went to forever homes! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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