Cute Dog Enjoys Being Pet, Then His Owner Put A Sign And Films Passerby's Reaction

It can be tricky to make a good impression on your neighbours, but this one person was able to find the best way to let her neighbours know how kind she is.

The woman, who lives in North Queensland, Australia, wanted to tell her neighbors that, Miss. Tubs, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was very friendly, so, she set up a cute sign to achieve that goal.

The sign read "Tubs would love a gentle pet as she's very friendly". The mama also shared a video of Tubs on TikTok to let netizens see what happened outside! You can see in the video and pictures below kids and adults from the neighborhood greeting Tubs and petting her.

The video directly went viral on TikTok getting more than 24 million views and thousands of comments. Many people commented that this is the best way to let people not be afraid of your dog and even pet it. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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