Cunning Stray Dogs Seen Stealing Food, And The Vendor Forgives Them

Stray dogs are very innocent and friendly, but they still do not find a place, where they can feel safe and sound. These dogs just want to have food, and they do their best to be fed.

However, we as people should help and feed them, even if we can't take them in. That's exactly what a Chilean vendor did with some stray dogs.

The woman, who sells pet food and instruments as a business, shows solidarity with stray dogs, who come to eat. She shared a video on her TikTok account, @amo_mi_chile, showing 2 stray dogs opening a pot of pet food to eat. The woman was very happy to let them eat instead of trying to kick the away.

She said that she completely understands their situations and knows that they just want to eat as they are innocent. The video directly went viral getting thousands of likes, views and comments with people praising what she did. It it a great behavior to do for stray dogs to help them. We hope that all people try to help strays as much as they can. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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