Rescuers Hear Cries For Help Under Landslide, And Start Digging

One of the scariest acts of nature is landslides, where mass amounts of earth, debris, and rocks move and flow down a slope. No one can doubt that landslides are potentially deadly and destructive. Unfortunately, a poor dog became trapped in heavy debris and dirt in China because of a landslide.

The dog laid there for about 37 days on his own! Many people had to evacuate their homes due to the landslide, but the dog was the victim! However, the dog’s yelling was heard by 12 local villagers, who were there to items from their homes. So, they all gathered to save the dog, and they were finally able to remove it from underneath the debris.

It is hard to believe that the dog survived over a month under debris! But the most important thing is that she was found at the exact time! We hope that she will have good days as she deserves that.

Watch the video below.

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