Plane Crew Reacts quickly To Save Dog's Life With Oxygen Mask For Flight

Flight attendants are firstly taught first aid training as it’s a very important thing during any flight in case of medical emergency onboard or a drop in cabin pressure.

So, when a dog needed an immediate first aid, the flight crew was ready for help.

The crew members’ quick thinking was very vital to save the dog’s life.

This story, that went viral online recently, took place in 2018 on a Jetblue flight. 2 flight attendants were able to save a dog’s life by acting immediately.

A woman called Michele Burt was abroad along with her 3 dogs and her husband heading to Massachusetts when one of her dogs started having problems taking a breath!

After taking Darcy out of the cage, Burt saw that due to lack of oxygen, Darcy’s tongue had turned blue. She tried to calm her dog down, but to no avail!

Seeing that the dog needed help, Renaud Spencer, another flight attendant, rushed to help the dog.

She and Diane Asher, her assistant, tried many ways to cool the dog down, but none of them worked. So, they then used oxygen mask to let the dog breathe normally! What a great idea! Watch the video below.

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