Couple Arrived Shelter To Donate, But Their Hearts Start Beating For 17-Year-Old Dog

Being senior as a dog means that they are usually overlooked, but that was not the same thing with a 17-year-old rescue dog called Rocky, who finally got adopted!

The story began when a young kind couple went to the shelter to donate, and decided to have a quick walk to the dogs that could be adopted. They directly fell in love with Rocky when they saw him.

Rocky’s new mama just wanted to change the life of the dog and even hers. So, they took Rocky with them home. The truth is that senior dogs deserve to be treated just like the other dogs, and even better as they have to have a great life in their golden years.

The dog’s new mama shared online a post about Rocky saying that being old does not mean that you do not deserve to a have a good life, she also advises people to adopt senior dogs.

What a great luck for Rocky, he was adopted by a couple who came to the shelter to donate, but it was his day! What do you think?!

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