Cockatoo Throws Hilarious ‘Temper Tantrum’ When She Is Asked To Go To Her Cage

The video below shows Pebble, a Cockatoo, who shows her anger with a funny temper tantrum, without even listening to anyone. It was obvious that Pebble has other things in mind.

Her human dad asks her to come, but what she does is just rambling on for few mins. You can’t understand what she says, but it is obvious that she throws curse words.

You can see in the video that she is asked if she has an attitude, her answer is “Yes, that is right”. It is obvious that she clearly does not take any orders, as she likes to show her feelings. Unfortunately, in the past 20 years, the Cockatoo has been passed from home to home, but her current family loves her and takes care of her. How adorable!

Watch the video below.

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