Meet Billi The Cat Who Can Speak English By Pushing Mom's Clever Buttons

This story speaks about a cat called Billi who knows how to use talking buttons to tell words to her mama in just 3 weeks after being presented to her! At first she knows some basic words like “Mad”, “Pets”, and surely “Foos”.

It seems weird, but it is a great way to know what your cat wants, and the 14-year-old cat knows how to use it exactly. If she does not get what she wants, she uses the Mad button! How Hilarious!

With time the cat knows how to say many other things like asking for cuddles by clicking on “Cuddle” button. This way does not only mean cuddles, but it lets her play with her favorite “Fan Toy”!

She can also express her love by pushing “Love You” button! It is so great to know that your cat loves you as they rarely express something like this!

However, Billi now reaches a very high level using these buttons as she can now push 64 buttons to express what she wants! Her mama said that Billi can now use all 64 buttons, but her favorites are still Pets, Fan Toy, and Mad. How great! Watch the video below.

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