Burt Ward Who Played Robin On Classic Batman TV Series, Devotes His Life To Help Animals

Burt Ward has devoted his life to take care of canines to improve their lives after playing Robin opposite Adam West's Batman. Ward's love for dogs started at an early age just like his love for superheroes Ward spent two years being one half of the dynamic duo in 120 episodes before devoted his life to improving the lives of the dogs.

Ward and his wife started a nonprofit group called Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions in 1994, and since then, more than 15000 dogs have gone to forever homes. Ward and his wife always have dogs at their home ready for adoption. They live in an animal friendly community in Los Angeles, which allows them to keep many dogs with them till they find them forever homes.

The co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, and actresses America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams have adopted dogs from the Wards.

Ward also launched Gentle Giant Products to provide natural pet food for cats and dogs. The Wards just do that for help as they don't take any money for what they do. What a great achievement!

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