11-Year-Old Boy Bathes Stray Dogs To Increase Their Chances To Be Adopted

An eleven-year-old boy called Thiago dedicates his life to help stray dogs to get adopted by creating a project called “Sou de rua mas to limpinho” which means in English “I’m homeless but I’m clean”!

The Brazilian boy wanders the streets of Antônio Prado, his city, every Saturday and bathes every stray dog he finds in order to increase their chances in adoption.

The great boy says that all dogs deserve a great life, but unfortunately, many of them are treated badly and even abused! Eduardo, Thiago’s dad, said that when he saw his son bathing the stray dogs, perfuming them, and decorating them before returning them back to the streets, he came up with the idea of the project at the end of 2020.

The father added that he takes a fantastic photo of every dog his son bathed as it could help them to get adopted. The great boy has bathed 47 since the beginning of the project! How great!

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