Bobe Lost His Mother In The Raid To Capture The Most Wanted Man

A young puppy orphaned in the U.S. military operation that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last Saturday has been rescued and reportedly adopted into a fur-ever home.

On Sunday, Syrian photojournalist Fared Alhor traveled to Baghdadi’s demolished compound in Syria to take pictures when he discovered the whimpering puppy in the rubble, near the body of its mother, who had apparently died during the strike.

“When I found the dog he was very sad because of the loss of her mother in the bombing. I began playing with the small dog so it didn’t feel sad for its mother,” Alhor told Metro.

Taking the pup under his wing, the photojournalist rescued the animal and took it home. He fed the dog he named “Bobe” and provided him with necessary vaccinations and medical treatment at an animal clinic a few days later, he wrote on Twitter.

According to Metro, Bobe has since been adopted. Alhor said the pet is “very happy” with his new family, who lives outside of Barisha.

The pup quickly warmed up to his new caretakers, Alhor tweeted on Friday, detailing that the dog befriended some local cats and drank milk.

Now, Alhor is raising money for Ernesto's Sanctuary, where Bobe received medical care, in an ongoing campaign that had since raised nearly $8,000 as of Saturday afternoon.

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