Family Abandon Their Dog In The Street When She Becomes Blind

This story speaks about Sheila, a poor dog who has an enormous tumor on her belly and was taken to be euthanized by her owner. No one knows why her owner did not bring her for medical, but what is known is that she deserves kindness.

The veterinarian, that was visited by Sheila's owner with her dog asking to euthanize her, called He’Art of Rescue telling them that they have to immediately intervene. So, they directly stepped in to save Sheila's life. So, they directly took Sheila to their medical clinic and she was undergone a major surgery to remove the tumor.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful despite the big pain that had been caused by the sheer size of the tumor. Sheila is scared and withdrawn, and lacks motivation. But her rescuers weren't giving up on her.

Happily, she had her first solid meal by herself. And she will be ready for adoption when she is completely healed. The applicants, who will apply to adopt Sheila, will be strictly chosen by the group to choose the right family for Sheila.

Watch the video below.

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