Bear Who Spent 17 Years In A Cage Enjoys Now Splashing In The Pond

Kai and Rick two bears spent their lives confined in cramped cages. Their mother was killed by poachers. The cubs were sold off. Eventually they ended up at the Ainu peoples museum of culture, in Hokaido, where four live bears were exhibited simultaneously as part of a bear cult.

A year and a half ago two tourists from the United Kingdom visited this museum. Were the first to witness the distressing sight of these bears trapped in cages. They quickly informed the Wildlife Rescue Society about their plight.

When the rescue team arrived they immediately began the process of liberating all four bears. It wasn't until summer that they finally succeeded in doing. The cages containing these rescued bears were then transported to the United Kingdom.

Throughout their journey spanning 9,000 kilometers these bears traveled initially in cargo holds on airplanes and later completed their trip by road transportation.

To ensure their well being during this expedition five experienced veterinarians accompanied them. Carefully monitored their condition. The cages themselves were equipped with built in air conditioners to maintain an environment for the bears.

In order to make this voyage as pleasant as possible for these animals they were provided with treats like honey and fruits, alongside their food.Kai and Rick found themselves in a Yorkshire wildlife park after being held captive for long. As they were released into a fenced in area, with patches and swimming ponds they couldn't believe their luck.

Kai cautiously stepped on the ground filled with curiosity. Later he had the chance to run freely on the grass and bask in the sunlight, which brought him joy.

Despite it being their first time swimming their instincts kicked in effortlessly as they dived and swam with ease. The bears are now being actively nourished to help them overcome their condition and vitamin deficiencies.

Moreover these poor creatures have suffered from issues due to their prolonged time in captivity and lack of nutrition. Their hair is unkempt. They have a muscular system. The constant rubbing against bars has even caused patches, on their faces.

Hanako and Amu are two bears currently undergoing rehabilitation at the age of 27. Their health has been severely affected by age.

The bears that were rescued are part of the bear species and there are only a few thousand of them left in their natural habitat. This is why it was crucial for the zoo defenders to save the lives of these cubs.