Giant Brown Bear Continues Breaking Into Supermarket To Steal Candy

An employee at 7-Eleven was shocked by a big bear, that entered the store to get some candy bars as a snack!

A 54-year-old man called Christopher Kinson who is the cashier of the store was at the night shift when the door was opened and no one got in!

So, he took a look around and found a huge bear trying to get candy bars, according to SWNS.

The cashier said that he was surprised after seeing the bear as it was bigger than what is is seen in pictures by 20-30%! He also added that he did not intervene the bear’s way to stay safe.

He said that he was afraid at first, but then he understood that it just wanted to eat. The bear grabbed many candy bars and took them out of the store! It just entered and left the shop many times to get the bars out.

The bear then decided to leave the shop after 30 mins. So, the cashier was able to lock the door to prevent it from coming back! It is hilarious and scary situation! Watch the video below.

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