Bait Dog Who Lost Entire Part Of Her Face, Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail Now

When an animal shelter in Miami received a pit bull called Abigail, she was badly oppressed, as he had lost a part of her face’s skin and an entire ear. The vet discovered that Abigail had suffered many horrible wounds because of dogfighting.

Thankfully, she was announced as “Hero Dog of the Year” at American Humane‚Äôs annual awards gala. When the pictures of her injuries first posted on Facebook last year, a woman called, Victoria Frazier, from the Florida nonprofit Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue chose to step in to survive her from the bad situation.

She really worried that Abigail might be euthanized, so she took her to Pets First Wellness Center for wound therapy and lifesaving skin grafts. Abigail had lost her right ear, caused Frazier to start covering her head with headbands, and the star, Abigail, was born again.

So, what she wore on the head prompting netizens to send more accessories and hats. Abigail went to her new forever home to live with Megan and Jason Steinke in Fort Meyers, Florida.

“You can see what she was about before months, and how she is today. She is so loving and forgiving, and her sweet personality will inspire other people to take chances to rescue the stray dogs, especially pit bulls, said Megan.

Abigail beat out 6 others finalists to take the prize as “Hero Dog of the year” at the 16th ceremony in Beverly Hills in September. Make sure to watch the video till the end to have more information about Abigail.

Watch the video below.

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