Baby Tiger Cub Freed From A Dog-Sized Cage In Closets, Overjoyed To Run And Play

There are many animals, that lives in the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona including coyotes, wolves, and javelinas. So, the staff members were surprised when they knew that a baby Bengal tiger, that typically lives in swamps and forests, was headed to their facility.

The development and marketing manager of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Jamie Haas Oliver, said that it is unusual to get a tiger. But how we got her was also unusual.

The baby tiger was found by police after seeing an advertisement to sale it online. So, the officials went to the address and found that the tiger was locked in a closet! So, the officials decided that the baby tiger should stay within state borders for now as it is concerned evidence for ongoing legal case. Due to their good relationship with Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, they took the tiger to them to take care of her.

The tiger was then placed in a large enclosure to be able to grow easily. She gained more than ten pounds in a week and she is now completely different from the moment she arrived there. The staff said that the tiger was very happy when she knew that she could play and run. She also loves water very much and often does watersports.

The tiger will stay under the care of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center for a while, which is unknown till now. However, the tiger and the staff members are all happy and they have no problem to stay together. Watch the video below.

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