Baby Giraffe Melts Hearts Of Millions By Showing Off Running With His Long Legs

Watching baby animals just trying to walk their very first steps is the most adorable thing. Those wobbly and fun steps can just steal your heart right away.

In Seneca Park Zoo, a mamma giraffe delivered her Masai baby in April 2022. You can see this newborn cute giraffe trying to walk his very first steps on this planet. A while later, the cute baby has overcome his fear and could walk, stand and even run around.

Adam Bello of Monroe County Executive said that the calf just made a wonderful transformation in just a few days in a post on Social Media, along with a video. Bello added that the mamma, Iggy, and her baby are in a very good condition.

He also said that since the zoo is founded in 1894, they haven't welcomed any newborn giraffes. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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