The United State Army Is Establishing Much Better Hearing Protection for Its Dogs

USA Army Invented A Helmet To Protect Military Dogs From Hearing Loss

It is known that military dogs have a great sense of sounds and smell, so, they can alert their soldiers if a danger is about to happen. That’s why an Army Research Office initiative with Zeteo Tech Inc has developed Canine Auditory Protection System.

Senior scientist at the Army Research Office, Dr. Stephen Lee, said that a dog’s hearing can be affected by a short flight in the helicopter, which can lead to not hear the commands of their handler. He also added that canines are protected by this technology, which makes their working life even longer.

CAPS blocks the unwanted sounds by using high quality, lightweight materials, which keeps the dog’s ears protected. Dr. Lee also added that this system looks like a snood-style headgear, or a close-fitting hood, which helps in distributing pressure in a great way.

He also added Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader, was taken out by the help of this technology, that was used while they were raiding him in Syria. Watch the video below.

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