Anxious Rescue Dog Always Finds His Two Best Friends Ready To Comfort Him

An English/French mastiff mix called Rex, who had a very hard past, was adopted by Ross. Ross said that due to being with abusive owners in the past, Rex has had some issues. He was very close to be euthanized for what is believed to be aggressiveness, but the truth that it was an anxiety and fear.

However, we all know that dogs are man's best friends, but they can also be best friends to each other as whenever Rex suffers from anxiety, Ross' other 2 dogs are always there to give him a helping paw. A video was recently shared on Reddit by Ross showing Huxley and Winnie, his other 2 dogs, showering Rex with kisses and love when he had an anxiety attack.

Ross said that the closest dog to Rex is Winnie who is also a rescue and deaf. What made Rex and Winnie very close was that when he growls, she is not scared as she can't hear him. How great! Watch the video below.

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Rex is anxious so his siblings try and take care of him. (OC)
by u/Creepy-Bite-3174 in AnimalsBeingBros