Abused Dog Finds Her Way Back To Her Rescuers After Fleeing Her New Family

This story speaks about a poor dog called Pepper, who was fostered by Josh after having a very abused life. Josh purchased Pepper's rehabilitation and nursed her back to life. But what happened next was full of turns and twists.

Josh shared Pepper's story online to let people know what Pepper, the Jack Russell Terrier mix/Pointer/Labrador retriever had been through. Josh wrote that Pepper was completely abused and malnourished, she also had a fractured leg, ticks, fleas, 2 sets of worms, 27 lacerations, and mange. 

She also added that Pepper went missing for weeks, but she was found by an educator, who took her to a veterinary clinic. Thankfully, the vets were able to know Pepper's foster family as she had a microchip. Furthermore, Pepper went missing again a month later, but she went to the same veterinary clinic, which meant that was an easy mission to find her family again.

When Pepper went missing, Josh was completely devastated, that's when she knew that she had to adopt her. Pepper now has a great life along with another husky dog. They play, sleep, and eat together! What a happy ending!

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