Abandoned Puppy Rescued By Marathon Runner, Who Carried Him 19 Miles To The Finish Line

A marathon runner called Runner Khemjira Klongsanun won a prize but not for winning the race, but for helping a lost pup she saw through the race in Ratchaburi, Western Thailand.

The pup was far away from the end of the race in an isolated area with no other dogs, people, or houses, so, the woman directly decided to pick up the dog after managing to coax him over her.

When she realized that the Thai wolf dog was abandoned or lost, she decided to pick him up and run more than 19 miles holding the pup in her arms.

She was filmed running with the pup by another marathon runner. After finishing the race, she tried to know if the pup had an owner, but no one stepped forward!

She directly knew that she was meant to adopt him. The pup, who was named “Chombeueng” after the marathon’s name, has already joined her 2 other dogs at her home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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