Abandoned Baby Panther By It Mother, Raised By Human Family And Dog Best Friend

A cute panther called Luna was rejected by his mama in a zoo in Siberia. Luna's mama refused to give her the much-needed care and milk, which reduced her chances for survival.

Thankfully a kind woman came to the rescue just in time and decided to take care of Luna by feeding her, giving her all the vitamins she needed and raising her as she had an experience in raising big cats.

By time, the relationship between Luna and the woman grew so she decided to adopt Luna to make her a part of her family.

She then met Venza, her new doggy sibling. Luna and Venza had some slow time to know each other, but they then formed a great friendship.

Luna and Venza are inseparable as they are truly best friends. They are so cute and once you see one of them you will surely see the other. Luna is now a fully grown healthy panther, but she is so cute and friendly. How amazing!

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