93-Year-Old Woman Dedicated Her Time To Craft Dog Beds For Shelter Animals

Shelter animals greatly benefit from receiving love and support. It's truly inspiring to witness the unique ways people utilize their talents to assist these creatures.

Take, for instance an woman who dedicates her spare time crafting snug dog beds specifically, for animal shelters.

Meet Joan Potters, a 93 year resident of San Antonio. Like seniors she has embraced crafting as a hobby. However her creations go beyond enjoyment by providing dogs with a comfortable place to rest their weary heads.

Reports from KSAT highlight Joans endeavor; she has transformed her room into a sewing workshop using leftover fabric generously provided by the Greater San Antonio Quilting Guild. With unwavering determination she diligently crafts dog beds which are then donated to shelters such as the San Antonio Humane Society and the Paul Jolly Center.

Sadly not every shelter possesses the means to provide beds, for all their animals. In fact most kennels are sparsely furnished. Joans thoughtful contributions guarantee that dogs awaiting their homes can find solace in a spot.

When asked about her act of kindness Joan humbly stated to KSAT "I'm simply delighted to do it for them and knowing that some fortunate dog will experience comfort brings me joy.""It brings me joy to know that these dogs won't have to lie on cement or hard floors especially during the winter."

Joan not uses donated fabric scraps. She also receives assistance, with sewing and delivering the dog beds from missionaries affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ. Every month Joan donates 30 40 dog beds.

Considering her age and being a dog owner herself Joan takes care in ensuring that each dog bed is safe and perfectly suitable. The effort she puts in is definitely worth it because it means these adorable dogs will have their place to rest.

"You can feel their discomfort too. They have emotions like us even though they can't communicate in our language.. If you look into their eyes and observe their expressions you'll see how each one has its unique personality. I simply adore them."

Such a heartwarming gesture for these dogs! Thanks, to Joans heartedness ❤️ they will now have beds of their own.

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