100-Year-Old Man Celebrates His Birthday With Adorable Dog Parade

On June 17, Dr, Robert Moore celebrated his 100th birthday with his family, who decided to set up a great surprise for him. The family members used the Nextdoor app to ask people to come with their dogs to make the elderly man's wish come true.

People were super kind as almost 200 dogs with their owners came to celebrate the man's birthday! Puppies dressing in tuxedos or cowboy hats, and some of them with disabilities pulling carts.

Alison, Moore's daughter, said in an interview that she did not expect so many dogs to come, she added that she just expected 30 dogs at max. The grandpa was very happy and he petted all the pets!

Christina Moore, Moore's granddaughter, shared a video of the event on TikTok with a caption that it was his best day ever. What made the birthday very special was that the attenders brought posters, handmade drawings, cupcakes, and flowers! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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