Woman Scared Of Pit Bull In Neighborhood, Until He Saved Her Life

This story speaks about a pit bull called Simba, who lives with Arjanit M., his owner, in an apartment. But being reputed as aggressive, people in the same building always try to avoid him. But these people have changed their minds by a selfless act from the pit bull.

Simba was always trying to befriend an elderly woman who lives a floor below, but she’d always look at him in a freaky way an say he is mean.

One day, Simba stopped at the woman’s door and would not move. That’s when Simba’s owner heard “Please do not go” from inside.

So, he opened the door to find the woman, who was not able to move after breaking her hip a few days prior, on the floor.

So, Arjanit called the ambulance and waited for it to arrive. The woman finally knew she was wrong about Simba, she even thanked him.

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